Us Renewable Energy Development is a green marketing directive, founded by two entrepreneurs who have installed thousands of solar installations.

The founders realized that solar would be most beneficial to middle class homes and families. But many middle class families don’t have CPAs or Tax Attorneys that advise them to save money and taxes by going solar. Us Renewable Energy Development’s mission is to help educate all Americans, regardless of income level, about the opportunities to save money, reduce taxes, and foreign energy usage with solar. The founders all realize the importance of supporting local businesses. All installers are local individuals who are just trying to provide for their families. We hand pick the best, local installers to help stimulate local job markets

How much of my bill will this system cover? Our goal is knock out the majority of your utility bill. The last 10-20% of your bill is the most difficult to reduce. It’s sort of like losing weight – the first 20 lbs is easy, while the last 5 lbs are the hardest. The truth is that once your system is installed, only you can get your bill to zero through your usage habits.